Investigation of Government Industrial Policy on Small Business Development in Nigeria: 2015-2021


  • N.H Akpanabia, Ph.D and Nduka Oyediya Ijedinma, Ph.D .


This study has examined investigation of government industrial policy on small business development in Nigeria between 2015-2021. The researcher employed expose factor research design through secondary sources of data. The data was analyzed statistically using Pearson Correlation. Also the study discovered that there is no significant relationship between government policy and profitability of small scale business, there is significant impact government policy on bank borrowing to small scale business in Nigeria, and there is significant relationship between government policy and expenditure value of small scale business. Based on the findings, the study recommends that small scale business operators should pay attention to existing government policies which will enable them to achieve profitability. More so, government policy directing and encouraging the commercial and microfinance banks to borrow money for small scale business operators in Nigeria.